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Why is Sealcoating Important? Repaving would cost you several bucks. It is explained here what blacktop sealing is and its constructive role in preserving blacktop. It should remembered that blacktop is a costly investment. One should look after blacktop so as not to have it damaged and thereafter cost an expensive replacement. Sealants for blacktop are water based and are usually made of asphalt together with other materials that make it stronger and flexible. Seal coating protects and prevents damage from harmful elements. But you must keep in mind that sealers differ from each other. Contracting the application of your sealant may lead you to a company that use low quality sealants. Why does blacktop need maintenance? The materials that makes up blacktop will explain why it needs to be maintained. Asphalt concrete is another common name of blacktop which is composed of liquid asphalt and stones. Binder is another name for liquid asphalt and it plays as a glue which holds the stone aggregate together. The stone aggregate is bound by the liquid asphalt which has gluing properties.
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The sun, the rain, gasses, oils, and other substances drys out and damage blacktop. These factors will breakdown the asphalt binder. They will cause cracks to blacktop. Cracks need to be filled and sealed. Blacktop needs to be filled and sealed for it to endure the factors that might affect it.
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What are the main problems of blacktop? The condition of your blacktop will help you determine the steps to take to have it maintained. Are there pot holes in your asphalt? Define pot holes. It’s a hole in the asphalt. You will need to repair the asphalt if there are existing pot holes. Not all pot holes have the same sizes. These are the results of alligator cracks that were not maintained. Alligator cracks and spiderweb cracks literally look like an alligator’s back or a web. Sealing requires that the alligator and the spiderweb cracks be repaired first. You should consider repairing sink holes and bird baths before the sealing process takes place. Before proceeding with the repairs the blacktop must be repaired. Clean the blacktop before you proceed with the process. You would be able to remove the dust and dirt by using a broom. Water may be used but the blacktop must be extremely dry with no moisture before it can be repaired. A leaf blower may also be used. Alligator patches, seal coat sealers, and squeegees are used to repair alligator cracks. Bird baths may also make use of alligator patches. Sink holes on the other hand are repaired using a pot hole patch. if you want to save time thinking which patch is which, then switch to the blacktop patch which should address all the holes and cracks